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more-T toothbrush

world's FIRST T-shaped toothbrush that has been patented in over 100 countries

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 more-T toothbrush is revolutionizing the oral care industry

This is the WORLD's FIRST T-shaped toothbrush in dental history that has dared to challenge the effectiveness of the traditional straight-end toothbrush, which was designed to resemble the straight-edge razor. In fact, the straight-end toothbrush has not changed its design since its invention in 1498.

more-T toothbrush provides a comfortable and effective cleaning experience with its soft, DuPont nylon bristles and the T-shaped design. A T-shaped head provides for deep cleaning, and the soft bristles effectively remove plaque and stains. 

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First invented T-shaped which has been patented in all over the world. 


Soft Bristles

Easily get between the teeth and under the gum line to prevent plague build up. 





Healthy teeth

Reduces sensitive teeth and bleeding gums. Protects tooth enamel and prevents cavities.

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About Us

more-T USA LLC was founded in 2014 with the mission of introducing revolutionary T-shaped toothbrush: more-T toothbrush and building a better oral health for North America. 

more-T means more teeth! Utilizing the more-T toothbrush results in healthier teeth and a brighter smile. The more-T toothbrush’s state of the art design promotes proper brushing techniques, as well as overall health hence; overall better health. 

The ultimate goal at more-T USA LLC is to improve lives and enhance health through the use of the finest oral care products in the world. With complete dedication to the satisfaction and overall good health of our customers, more-T USA LLC embraces the ideology of making the world an exceptional place – one magnificent smile at a time. more-T USA LLC, doesn’t simply offer superior oral care products, but a newer, healthier and happier life as well. The difference can be immediately felt once the more-T toothbrush is used.

Feel the difference!